What strain of cannabis do you use?

The refined cannabis oil that we use in our tinctures is otherwise known as distillate. Distillate concentrates are achieved through an extensive distillation process that separates compounds (such as the cannabinoids THC or CBD) from raw cannabis plant matter. During the distillation process, terpenes and flavonoids - the compounds responsible for classifying a unique strain and thus, as an indicia, sativa, or hybrid - are separated from the cannabinoids, along with pesticides, plant matter, or other unwanted impurities. By removing virtually everything except for the desired cannabinoid, the result is a product that is incredibly pure and potent (our distillate tests up to 93% for purity!) in addition to being odorless and flavorless. Because the terpenes and flavonoids are removed during the distillation process, the final product does not contain the compounds that would classify the oil as either an indica, sativa, or hybrid.