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Yummi Karma tinctures are good vibes in a bottle.
We taste good. You feel good. Let the good times roll!

We’re not here just to be yummi—, but to make sure everyone who wants to experience the benefits of cannabis has a good time.

We help you drop your bad days!

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Good Karma

If you’ve tried our tinctures, you know why we’re called Yummi. But what about Karma?

It all started with CEO Krystal Kitahara’s self-serve, honor-system orange juice cart: the original Yummi Karma. We left behind juice for cannabis, but kept the flavor and the good vibes. Our tinctures help more people benefit from cannabis—and our Good Karma products keep that positivity rolling forward. A portion of the proceeds from these products have supported causes we care about in California: lobbying city hall for change in our cannabis community, donating to college food banks, and supplying gloves and masks to essential workers.

As a sister-founded brand, we’re committed to uplifting women. TK% of our Mood Magic drops is donated to causes that support women. And our yearly Empower Women, Period campaign addresses period poverty, a lack of access to menstrual products, education, and hygiene facilities that affects 500 million people worldwide. Collaborating with local organizations, we’ve collected over 10,000 pads, tampons, and liners to make “period packs” for Californians in need.

So that’s where the karma in our name comes from: Yummi Karma products don’t just taste good—they do good, too.

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Why we do it

Because the world of cannabis is like open swim: there are water-winged beginners and Olympic swimmers are splashing around together in the deep end. And us? We’re the lifeguard—not here just to be yummi, but to make sure everyone who wants to experience the benefits of cannabis has a good time. So c’mon in—a few drops will do you good!


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… so what were two stoner sisters to do? We knew cannabis could help, but mom wasn’t into smoking. Our solution? A tincture. We tried countless formulations and came up with a sleep potion she couldn’t resist. It tasted so dreamy she forgot it was weed, got her off her medication, and—most importantly—helped her get some zzz’s. (And now it’s our most beloved product, Drift Away.)

We saw how much yummier our mom’s life was and knew we had to keep rolling that positivity forward. So we launched Yummi Karma, California’s first line of cannabis tinctures designed for specific wellness solutions. Today our lineup includes high-dose drops with yummi flavors, microdose formulas, and High Gorgeous, our collection of cannabis-powered skincare.

Here’s to more good nights!


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