Yummi Karma Logo

Yummi Karma is owned and led by two sisters, and we are proud to be the first state-licensed manufacturer in Orange County. Our story starts over 7 years ago when the only cannabis considered legal was medicinal. Those days taught us the importance of patience, perseverance, and compassion.


We have always operated with a focus on people, lifestyles, or issues that have been marginalized and the objective of providing a solution or positive impact. We’re especially known for making products for women.


Our first products were groundbreaking: savory edibles, like chips, popcorn and sauces, that allowed consumers to medicate easily and responsibly, without worrying about large quantities of sugar that came standard with edibles back then. Just as importantly, they helped normalize the use of cannabis products in everyday life.


When our owners’ mom struggled with debilitating sleep issues, we sprung to action and created our first tincture and forever bestseller, Drift Away. This lead to even more healthy, great-tasting tinctures, and it also lead to a new name for them: Cannabis Drops. As of right now, we have 20!


There are two different brands in the Yummi Karma family:


YK Drops is our original tincture line with Tinctures that Actually Taste Good™. These easy-to-use Cannabis Drops were created with a variety of lifestyles in mind. Change the way you medicate by adding one (or more) of these Cannabis Drops to your daily routine.


In 2016, High Gorgeous arrived on the scene with similar products to those sold by big beauty chains, but with even more benefits. This luxurious beauty brand empowers babes to feel confident and fabulous while using cannabis.


And it doesn’t stop there. We launched Yummi Karma is Good Karma in 2020. With this initiative, we are able to give back to our community and visibly spread positivity and kindness with sustainable actions. Look out for the Good Karma logo on certain products; this logo means a portion of your purchase is being used to do good deeds around the state.


As longtime members of the cannabis community, our overall objective has always been to normalize and transform the way people see cannabis, and ultimately bring about real social change. We believe that every single day is a new opportunity to educate, learn, and grow. With our products and our actions, we show the world that Yummi Karma is a lifestyle that we live everyday.